World Communion Sunday

This Sunday we celebrate the Eucharist with believers around the world. You will hear the liturgy in a variety of languages from the members of our congregation. Use your imagination this week to prepare you to receive the Lord’s Supper. Think about the many different ways and settings in which Christians will be receiving the bread and the wine this Sunday.

Here is the call to worship for this Sunday:

Leader: Friends, this is the joyful feast of the people of God.

People: From north and south,

from east and west we come

to sit at the table of grace.

Leader: Sisters and brothers, this is the celebration of our unity in Christ.

People: From city streets and private places,

from mansions and shelters

we come to kneel at the foot of the cross.

Leader: We gather as the broken and raised body of Christ in this place,

united in his Spirit with believers in every place.

People: Thanks be to you, O God, for this invitation;

thanks be to you, O Christ, for this banquet;

thanks be to you, O Spirit, for this life together.



Balance and Diversity

At North we strive to use a variety of images for God in our worship that expresses the diverse ways God is revealed. The goal is not to replace traditional imagery or see the traditional in competition with the contemporary. Rather, we seek a balance that celebrates “the wisdom of God in its rich variety” (Eph. 3:10).

So this Sunday we will begin with the hymn “Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart” which uses a lot of traditional images for God: Christ your King; wreaths of incense cloud, etc. To balance this, listen closely to the call to worship and prayer for illumination, which refers to “midwives of the Spirit” and Christ with a more gender-neutral title of Sovereign.


Leader: Rejoice, pilgrims of God, give thanks and sing!

People: With the rising of the sun we shout Hosanna!

Leader: Rejoice, servants of Christ, give thanks and sing!

People: With the shining of the moon we will sing Alleluia!

Leader: Rejoice, midwives of the Spirit, give thanks and sing!

People: At our birth and at the grave we rejoice in Christ, our beginning and our end!



Eternal God, send your Spirit

to shape our minds and strengthen our souls

with the wisdom of Jesus’ suffering

and the knowledge of his resurrection,

that we may press on to the goal of everlasting life

through Jesus Christ our Savior and Sovereign. Amen.