Te Deum & Prayer of Dedication

This Sunday’s stewardship celebration will feature Te Deum’s by Mark Hayes and Dan Forrest. The Te Deum is an ancient prayer from the 4th century that follows the outline of the Apostles’ Creed and petitions based on the psalms. It is fitting on Stewardship Sunday to focus on praise because our giving is a sacrifice of thanksgiving for God’s blessings. Here is the prayer of dedication based on the Te Deum that we will conclude our service with:

Leader: We praise you, O God:

our strong Mother,

our gentle Father,

the ruler of our lives,

the keeper of our souls.

People: With all creation we praise your name.

Leader: We praise you, O Christ:

our sin-bearing brother,

our mercy-keeping judge,

the light for our path,

the source of our joy.

People: In union with Christ’s gifts for us, we bring our offering of praise.

Leader: We pledge our gifts to you, O God.

By your Spirit use them as instruments

to save the world and bless our descendants.

Govern their use and sanctify their effects.

People: Day by day,

we will honor you with the sharing of our lives.

We will trust your mercy,

we will celebrate your love. Amen.



A Pastoral Prayer for Creation Care Sunday

Great Creator, thank you

for the blue sky of Pluto and the red rocks of Mars,

for cumulonimbus clouds and thunder,

for Canadian geese and hummingbirds,

for black walnuts and sunflowers,

for squirrels and raccoons,

for honey bees and preying mantas,

for flox and dirt,

for stalactites and coal.

Good God, you created them all

and with all creation we sing your praise for giving us life.

We are grateful for our place in your world,

as caretakers and recipients of these gifts.

Teach how to use them without abusing them,

show us how to respect them without worshipping them.

Hear our intercessions for our fellow creatures.

The world is aching and creation has been broken by careless greed. Heal your world with your grace.

We renew our commitment to being your stewards.

We pledge to curb our selfish desires and our unbridled greed

for the preservation of the world;

we commit our lives to reflecting your steadfast love and faithfulness

in our protection for animals and our preservation of habitats;

we dedicate our knowledge to discovering and promoting

your goodness in all creation;

through Jesus Christ the Word

that keeps the world spinning and the stars shining,

your Word that became flesh and dwelt among us

so that we can dwell in harmony with all creatures.


Creation Care Sunday

This Sunday will be our Creation Care celebration. The choirs will be singing several wonderful pieces from Andrew Carter’s Benedicite. Our opening prayer comes from Samoa and is found in the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship:


Almighty God, your word of creation

caused the water to be filled

with many kinds of living beings

and the air to be filled with birds.

We rejoice in the richness of your creation,

and we pray for your wisdom

for all who live on this earth,

that we may wisely manage

and not destroy what you have made

for us and for our descendants.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.