Te Deum & Prayer of Dedication

This Sunday’s stewardship celebration will feature Te Deum’s by Mark Hayes and Dan Forrest. The Te Deum is an ancient prayer from the 4th century that follows the outline of the Apostles’ Creed and petitions based on the psalms. It is fitting on Stewardship Sunday to focus on praise because our giving is a sacrifice of thanksgiving for God’s blessings. Here is the prayer of dedication based on the Te Deum that we will conclude our service with:

Leader: We praise you, O God:

our strong Mother,

our gentle Father,

the ruler of our lives,

the keeper of our souls.

People: With all creation we praise your name.

Leader: We praise you, O Christ:

our sin-bearing brother,

our mercy-keeping judge,

the light for our path,

the source of our joy.

People: In union with Christ’s gifts for us, we bring our offering of praise.

Leader: We pledge our gifts to you, O God.

By your Spirit use them as instruments

to save the world and bless our descendants.

Govern their use and sanctify their effects.

People: Day by day,

we will honor you with the sharing of our lives.

We will trust your mercy,

we will celebrate your love. Amen.



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