Holy Thursday Communion Prayer

Join us tonight for this original liturgy.

Giving Thanks for the Gifts


L: The Lord is with us

P: and God’s Spirit is here.

L: Blessed are you, Great Creator,

who made us the reflection of your beauty and the servants of your love.

As our Father, you heard the cry of your children in bondage.

As our Mother, you sent your protection the night evil seemed supreme.

All glory and honor is yours, O Sovereign God,

who liberates us with your faithful love.

P: Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might,

heaven and earth are full of your glory.

L: We thank you for Jesus Christ who is

the radiance of your glory,

the splendor of your joy,

the brightness of your hope

revealed in his common life of

sharing a meal,

welcoming the outcast,

and washing our feet.

On that night

he took bread, blessed it and broke it,

P: just as his life was broken for us,

and gave it to his disciples, saying,

‘This is my body which is given for you.’

In the same way he took wine,

gave thanks to you and poured it out,

P: just as he poured out his life for us,

and gave it to his disciples, saying,

‘This cup is the new relationship with God,

sealed with my blood.

Take this and share it.

I shall drink again with you when God reigns supreme.’

In the sharing of this bread and cup,

ordinary things made extraordinary through your love,

we enter into the mystery of your grace

and celebrate the gift of your Son:

P: Hosanna in the highest.

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest.

L: Pour out your Spirit on us and on these gifts,

that in the sharing of the bread and the cup,

we may know the presence of the living Christ

and be renewed as the body of Christ for the world.

As there is one loaf, make us one in your Spirit forever.

Through Christ and in the unity of your Holy Spirit,

all honor and glory is yours, Great God, now and forever.

P: Amen.



Liturgy & Music for Palm Sunday

This will be our third year to observe Palm Sunday as a Palm-to-Passion worship experience that recounts the events leading up to Jesus’ death. For some, it will seem like we are ‘jumping the gun’ on Holy Week which highlights the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. This Sunday’s worship fills in the gaps of the story with events, such as the Temple Cleansing, that are often overshadowed by the meal and the cross. By seeing the full sweep of the week this Sunday I hope you will have a fuller appreciation of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. This year, the Gospel of Luke is the featured readings. I hope you will listen to the anthems and read the selections throughout Holy Week as part of your personal preparations for the Easter Feast.


Luke 19:28-40 (Entrance into Jerusalem)

Luke 19:41-44 (Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem)

Luke 19:45-48 (Jesus Cleanses the Temple)

Luke 22:1-6 (The Betrayal)

Luke 23:1-5, 13-25 (The Trial)

Luke 23:26-31 (Simon of Cyrene)

Luke 23:32-43 (The Two Criminals on the Crosses)

Luke 23:44-49 (The Death)



Hosanna by Dan Forrest

And Can it Be? By Dan Forrest

Amen by Dan Forrest

Christus Factus Est by Anton Bruckner

Verily, I tell you by Theodore Dubois (from 7 Last Words of Christ)

Silent Tears by Craig Courtney



Hosanna, Loud Hosanna #278

All Who Love and Serve Your City #433

Why Stand So Far Away, My God? #2180

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? #424

Liturgy & Music for Lent Five

This Sunday we will explore the meaning of the offering. Throughout the season, we have been praying prayers of confession. This Sunday it will be in a different place in the order of worship: with the offertory prayer. Why? Read below….


2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Ezra 3:1-7

Psalm 50



“What Gift Can We Bring”

“Lord, Whose Love Through Humble Service”

“Take My Life and Let It Be”



Crucifixus by Antonio Lotti

An Offering by Dan Forrest


Call to Worship:

Leader: Remember the great generosity of our Creator.

People: We offer our lives in honor and praise.

Leader: Rejoice in the boundless grace of Christ.

People: We offer our lives in honor and praise.

Leader: Receive the indescribable gift of the Spirit.

People: We offer our lives in honor and praise.


Prayer for Illumination:

O God, who provides us

with every blessing in abundance,

grant us the gift of understanding

to enrich our faith with gratitude

and to inspire us to a life of greater generosity,

in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer of Confession & Offering:

Leader: From the depths of God, who is Love,

the Spirit offers us the riches of new life in Christ.

Therefore, let us confess our sin to God and one another:

People: O God our Maker,

we confess that

we have doubted your goodness,

protected ourselves,

and ignored the cries of the needy.

We confess that we have not been

wise managers of your gifts,

generous distributors of your blessings,

or joyful administrators of your grace.

Forgive our sins and free us

to glorify you with our obedience,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Silent Prayer


Leader: Christ sets us free with gifts of mercy, grace and peace.

Our sins are forgiven and our lives are made whole.

People: Praise the God of second chances!

Leader: Therefore, as a forgiven and reconciled people

let us offer ourselves and our gifts in the name of Jesus.

People: All we have, we have from you, O God.

With grateful hearts we present these gifts to you.

By your Spirit, make them be a blessing to others

to the glory of your name. Amen.