Litany for a Longest Night Service

This Sunday evening (5:00pm) we will observe a Longest Night Service, a time to remember and release the pain we have experienced. Below is the litany we will use as we light the Advent wreath:

First Candle

Leader: The first candle we light is to remember those whom we have loved and lost.

We pause to remember their name, their face, their voice,

the memory that binds them to us in this season.

People: O God, may your eternal love surround them.


Second Candle

Leader: The second candle we light is to redeem the pain of loss,

whether through illness, jobs, divorce, or other events.

We pause to gather up the grief of the past and offer it to God,

asking that from God’s hands we receive the gift of peace.

People: O God, accept the gift of our brokenness and lead us into your peace.


Third Candle

Leader: The third candle we light is to reclaim our faith in Jesus Christ,

the Great Physician, the Shepherd of the sheep,

the Author and Finisher of our faith.

We pause to focus on Christ, whose mercy is the mystery that saves us.

People: O God, through your faithfulness our faith is renewed.


#218   It Came Upon the Midnight Clear,   verses 1-2

(You are invited to place your candle on the altar during the hymn. Someone will assist in lighting.

You may kneel at the communion railing or return to your seat to pray.)


Fourth Candle

Leader: The fourth candle we light is to renew our hope in the Coming One

by whose stripes we are made whole.

We await our fulfillment in Christ and we hold fast to the promise of

Christmas – Emmanuel, God is with us now and always.

People: Come, Lord Jesus, deliver us. Amen.


Prayer for Transgender Persons

Today is a national Day of Remembrance for transgender persons. We offer this prayer:

Fierce and Tender God,

in whose image all persons are made,

we remember your children whose identities do not conform

to simplistic gender labels.

In these days of intolerance and violence, hear their cries.

Surround them with your protection

and reassure them with your peace.

May they find in us true friends

and in this church a reliable sanctuary;

through Jesus Christ

in whose name we are baptized

neither male nor female

but as one beloved family of God. Amen.



Pastoral Prayer for the Election

Righteous Ruler of the universe

we lift up to you our nation on the eve of this election,

for it is under your authority

and by your will that we govern ourselves.

We pray for every citizen that your Spirit

will plant in our minds your wisdom

that removes all ignorance from our decision making;

and will place in our hearts your vision

for a compassionate society

that removes all hatred from our voting.

Prepare and protect those who will administer

this great process of our democracy.

Bless and guide every candidate

to receive with humility the outcome of our voting.

Help us as good citizens to respect our neighbors

whose views differ from ours,

so that without partisan anger,

we may work together for the common good

that which is pleasing in your sight.

All praise and honor is yours,

Great Governor of all nations,

for you are in control of our lives

and you have given us the assurance

that one day your will shall be done on earth

as it is in heaven,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



Prayer of Confession for All Saints Sunday

Leader:  Let us prepare to take our place at the table of grace

with servants among us and saints above us,

united in the joy of Christ our Hope:

People:  Everlasting God, whose timeless grace unites us,

                forgive the ways we have sinned against our ancestors.

                We failed to follow their example and heed their wisdom.

                Free us from the legacy of their sins.

                Forgive the ways we have sinned against our descendents.

                Our greed has threatened their well-being,

               and our hatred has damaged their peace.

                Free us to be your worthy servants in this hour,

                through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Leader: The saying is true for all generations:

Christ died for us while we were still sinners.

This proves God’s love for us.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.

People: Thanks be to God. Amen. 

Litany of Dedication & Thanksgiving for Stewardship Sunday

Leader: The Lord be with you.

People: And also with you.

Leader: Let us pray:

Midwife of beauty, Composer of life,

thank you for the gift of life and the goodness of creation

that sustains and delights us.

With grateful hearts

People: we dedicate these gifts to you.

Leader: Great Redeemer, Generous Sovereign

thank you for the gift of salvation and the hope of healing

that forgives and frees us.

With grateful hearts

People: we offer our lives to you.

Leader: Flame of holy desire, Fount of every blessing

thank you for every gift that unites and inspires the church

to share the abundance of your grace to the world.

With the saints and angels above

and with every creature here below

People: we sing our praise and shout for joy. Alleluia! Amen!

Prayer of Confession for World Communion Sunday

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper with believers around the world:

Leader: Let us confess our sin to God and one another:
Almighty God, from the ends of the earth
you have gathered us around Christ’s holy table.
People: We come to the feast together.
Leader: Have mercy on your church, troubled and divided.
People: Renew us and make us one.
Leader: Forgive us for stifling your praise with our complaints.
People: Renew us and make us one.
Leader: Forgive us for silencing the songs of others with our pride.
People: Renew us and make us one.
Leader: Forgive us for our warring chants that destroy humanity.
People: Renew us and make us one.
Leader: Free us from every sin that divides your children.
People: Free our tongues to offer you the sacrifice of praise
in union with Christ’s offering for us. Amen.


Leader: Through Christ we are forgiven and freed;
In Christ we are reconciled and renewed.
People: Thanks be to God. Alleluia! Amen!